Wednesday, November 23, 2011

French Comfort Food at Café Pleiade

Café Pleiade
557 Mount Pleasant Road
Toronto, ON M4S 2M5
(416) 486-5207
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In between Lollicakes and Regent Theatre on Mount Pleasant Rd.

  • I would recommend this place for a cozy date spot
  • The price is very, very good for the quality that you get (around $20)
  • Intimate and quiet setting, good for 2-3 people
  • Best word to describe this place: quaint

    Fresh Grilled Salmon

    This restaurant is the most lovely, little spot I have been to in a while. If you're looking for hidden gems, this is definitely one of them. When you walk in, the walls are lined with paintings, some painted by the chef himself. The lights are dim and the long couch against the wall are furnished with decorative throw pillows. It feels like you are going home to

    Our server was a sweet lady with a French accent who brought us our regular menus and a huge whiteboard with handwritten specials to show us their prix-fixe menu for the night ($24.95 for appetizer, main course, and coffee/tea). I wish I could have take a picture of the lady hoisting up the huge whiteboard because it was such a cute sight, but that would have been weird.

    They gave us two pieces of bread with an olive oil / balsamic vinegar dip with olives in it. Although, I don't like whole olives, it was a nice touch, even aesthetically.

    Veal Sofrito with cider, onions & shitake mushroom ($17.00)

    Veal was slow cooked until tender, so the meat peeled off nicely when you cut into it. The meat didn't soak up as much flavour as I would have liked but it was still good.

    Fresh Grilled Salmon with Citrus Dill Sauce ($18.00)

    Both dishes were very good, but I think I actually liked the salmon more, just because I was in the mood for something lighter. The salmon was perfectly grilled and the sauce was light and fresh. The pomegranate seeds were out of place in terms of the dish, but they do add a pretty colour to the dish.

    I thought the prices were extremely fair. You get an intimate environment where you can dress up a little more and have food that is more upscale and requires more craftsmanship, but at a price of a dinner that you would get at a more casual place, like Boston Pizza. I would definitely come here again, and I would recommend you to go here with someone special.
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