Monday, November 21, 2011

Go for Tea

Highly recommend these: Soyed Eggs ($4.99)

I don't even normally like hardboiled eggs, but these are amazing

Go For Tea
230 Commerce Valley Dr E
Thornhill, ON L3T
(905) 886-0221
Mon - Sun, Weekend & Public Holiday: 11am - 3am
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- Good bubble tea - impressive selection of flavours and drink types and tapioca has always been cooked well
- the sugar to tea ratios are inconsistent but always decent
- decent food - the food is equally as good as their bubble tea, sometimes inconsistent but it's tasty and fair for the price
- good for big or small groups
- casual
- popular for younger crowds (18-30)
- Wi-fi available

Try their Soyed Eggs, Popcorn Chicken (as a snack or with rice), Taiwanese Sausage Fried Rice, or Beef Hot Pot.

Go For Tea is probably the biggest bubble tea franchise in Toronto. It's not so much that they have the best bubble tea, but they offer everything you would want from a bubble tea place and then some. What tips Go For Tea above their competitors is probably that you can go there for their food as much as their bubble tea, which is hard to find in bubble tea places.

Large Honey Milk Tea ($4.99) and Small Lychee Green Tea +tapioca ($3.99 + 0.50)

- Upsizing the drink is $1 extra, but the size difference is worth it.
- Honestly, all of their drinks are generally safe to try. The only one I would caution is the Barley Embryo Milk Tea - which tastes like soggy corn flakes in milk. That's a drink people either hate or love.

Their food also holds their own.
My friends particularly love the Beef Hot Pot.

The Beef Hot Pot in itself is an experience. Like regular hot pot, they give you raw meat and vegetables that you put into the soup base to cook. The best part of Go For Tea's Hot Pot is the presentation. The soup base sits inside a very thick paper that apparently doesn't burn or leak the soup (not for a while anyways). Then they light a flame under the paper which causes the water to boil enough for you to cook your meat.

Popcorn Chicken with Rice ($9.99)

If you like salty fried chicken, you will definitely be into this... chunks of chicken, battered, deep fried and then seasoned with pepper salt. I am such a sucker for these. Every time I come to Go For Tea, I get a little craving for the popcorn chicken.

People say Go For Tea makes their food just like in Taiwan. I wouldn't know, but I'll let you know how authentic Go For Tea is in the new year as I'm booking a trip to Taiwan in January!! :D

Click here to read an update on how authentic Taiwanese snacks compare to Go For Tea's

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