Friday, November 4, 2011

Lunch at Cafe Mirage

It took 3 hours for my brother and I to decide on a place to eat, so long that our brunch date became a late lunch. We finally agreed to go try Villa Malaysia, the Thai / Malaysian restaurant at Highway 7 & East Beaver Creek. But when we got there, it was closed due to unpaid rent!! This only happens when I make plans to eat with Nay. In the summer, we made plans to eat at Woo's Buffet & Lounge downtown, and when we got there, it was closed due to unpaid rent. He makes the crappiest suggestions, but rejects all of mine. Brothers...

Anyways, we decided to go next door to Cafe Mirage instead.

Cafe Mirage
160 York Boulevard (Hwy 7 & East Beaver Creek)
Toronto, ON L4B 3J6
(905) 695-0504
Monday - Thursday 11:00am-1:00am
Friday 11am-2am; Saturday 12pm-2am; Sunday 12pm-1am
(other locations differ)
Mirage Grill & Lounge on Urbanspoon

My brother & I both got their lunch special, available between 11am-5pm Monday to Fridays. The lunch selection is small but all items are $9.98, which makes it qualify under my "Cheap Eats" category! ($10 or less). All the items come with a salad too, except for the one pasta dish. They also promise to serve food in under 20 minutes.

I ordered the Chicken Pesto and my brother ordered the Penne Amore, which arrived happily 10 minutes after ordering. When it came, it looked amazing and I was so hungry I just wanted to dive into it, but of course, like any good Asian girl, I had to take a picture of the food first. The food itself wasn't that good. And when a person is really hungry and they say the food wasn't that good, there's something wrong. The spinach in my salad was limp and soggy, as if it had been made hours before and left sitting in dressing - which seems to be the case. I think that same spinach was used in my Chicken Pesto Sandwich, because it was also very limp. The flavours of the pesto and goat cheese didn't really come through past all the soggy lettuce. The Penne Amore tasted like a simple pasta I could make at home by mixing tomato sauce, sugar, and cream. Aside from the greens, I have nothing necessarily bad to say, but I have nothing good to say either. There was nothing that stood out about either dishes.

Lunch Special: Chicken Penne ($9.98)

Lunch Special: Penne Amore ($9.98)

Verdict: Not somewhere I would recommend to anyone, but it's decent. That's all.

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