Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Moxie's - Fairview Mall
1800 Sheppard Avenue East, #229 - Fairview Mall
North York, ON M2J 5A7
(416) 494-2228

It's good because of the location, but other than that there's nothing special here.

My friends chose this place because we were all coming from different directions and Fairview Mall was the most central location. I don't mind coming here too much, but I've never really had a spectacular meal here either, so I wasn't expecting much.

Lobster & Brie Grill Cheese Sandwich

I ordered the Lobster & Brie Grilled Cheese Sandwich. But if you've tried the Lobster Grilled Cheese at Joey's, you really can't help it but to compare the two.

The sandwich from Moxie's gives you a lot of cheese, and a lot of lobster which should be a great thing. Except the lobster is canned, so there's a strange texture, and it's incredibly, incredibly salty. I usually like my salt, so if even I think it's too salty, the average human being may think they'll suffer from kidney problems after it. There was also too much mayo, so the tang from the mayo and the salt from (I'm actually not too sure where all that salt is coming from) but it overpowered the brie and was just not a good mixture. Joey's Lobster Grilled Cheese wins on all counts, the quality is much better, and the pricing is comparable.

Boo.... disappointed..

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