Friday, December 23, 2011

Girls Day Trip: Wish in Toronto (Part 1)

Wishing it was summertime on the gorgeous patio of Wish

Wish Restaurant
3 Charles St E
Toronto, ON
(416) 935-0240
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  • tiny space, but very, very pretty decor
  • recommend it for dates
  • affordable prices, $15-20/pp
  • good food
  • front patio included
  • I would come again and would recommend you to try it!

    View of the restaurant right at Yonge and Charles St

    I came here with my design friend Becky and it honestly took us hours to decide on a place that fit our criteria. But when we got here, we were not disappointed in the least. This place is the place to go to for a cozy environment, good food and affordable prices.

    Entrance to the front door

    Did I mention that it also has an adorable patio? It's a surprise that I haven't heard of this place before because the combination of their food and interior leaves a memorable mark in my mind. Tucked away on a small street off Yonge, it's just a short walk south of the Bloor subway station.

    Lamb Burger with Tomato, Tzatziki and Feta ($15)

    Turkey Burger with Guacamole and Pickled Red Onions ($14)

    I ordered the Lamb Burger and Becky ordered the Turker Burger. They came stacked high and served with fries. Definitely a messy burger, but that's the way I like it. The lamb patty was very flavourful but a bit on the salty side. But not salty enough to deter me from finishing the whole thing. For $15 each, Becky and I left with a full stomach, ate something out of the ordinary, and have very pretty pictures. Two satisfied customers :)
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