Saturday, December 3, 2011

New Month, New Things! Big Moe's

It's December! So I decided to try something new, such as a NEW burger joint and NEW way of posting.

Check out my first ever Youtube video reviewing Big Moe's!

Big Moe's
3517 Kennedy Rd
Scarborough, ON M1V 4S4
Neighbourhood: Scarborough
(647) 340-6637
Mon-Sat: 11am - 10pm
Sun: 12pm - 8pm
Big Moe's on Urbanspoon

  • Points for being a rare non-franchised burger joint in the Markham/Scarborough area
  • They offer the Juicy Lucy - 5 oz patty with cheese in the middle
  • Fresh ingredients, made right in front of you
  • They also offer Halal meat, so Halal-meat eaters, you can eat here too!
  • "Pay What You Want" promotion - pay whatever you want for any one item on the menu, excluding only the Juicy Lucy

    Located at Kennedy & Steeles, South of the Petro Canada

    The menu

    Making your burgers right

    Burger's got my name all over it

    Alex's Juicy Lucy...cheeese

    I'm pretty sure it can't compare to the burger joints downtown, like Burger Priest or Craft Burger. But I do appreciate they offered us Markham folks something we didn't have before - that being the Juicy Lucy. It used to be something we could only hear about on the Food Network, but now we can actually have one :)

    I'm gonna come here again, and next time I want to try to their funnel cake and the Twister Dog - A foot long hot dog, wrapped by a tornado fry. Sounds fatty!

    1. This promo sounds neato and that burger looks deeelish! Ps. VIDEO blogging? OH you fancyyy. I make hand gestures like you too LOL <3

    2. @Becky hahaha! I felt like a huge geek, but I hope you feel more connected to me and my blog now :p

    3. I really don't like the Burgers Priest. My boyfriend used to live literally right next to it. It's expensive and overrated. The constant line ups always boggled my mind.

      But this place looks awesome. Can't wait to try it, especially with the promotion going on :)

    4. @Katherine Really? I've only heard good things about the Burger Priest. I want to see what all the hype is about - but in picture they do look pretty epic!

    5. LOL but I love your hand gestures!!

      And I swear ... your voice is higher than what it sounds like in the video ... LOL


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