Saturday, January 14, 2012

Taipei, Taiwan!! (Day 1)


Now, because their main language is Mandarin/Taiwanese, I can't remember the names of all of the things I've tried because they just don't make sense to me. But here's a collection of pictures and places during my trip. I seriously think I gained 15 pounds from this trip because there's so many interesting things I wanted to try.

Bubble Tea, of course. and only $1 Canadian!!!

I had to try bubble tea right from the source. So I went to CoCo, a popular bubble tea spot in Taiwan. There was a special going on for a regular milk tea with tapioca, grass jelly, and I think, mango pudding for $35 New Taiwan Dollars, which equals about $1 Canadian. So delicious! I didn't know how to read the name of the drink when I ordered it so I just pointed, but I found out it's "called Lai Cha San Xiong Di" (Milk Tea Three Brothers)

Anyways, this chain has expanded across Asia and has a few shops in US too.

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