Saturday, February 18, 2012

T&T Bakery and Cafe in Markham

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I always love the shops along Main Street. This one is no exception. Found on Main Street Markham, just a few stores north of Highway 7, is T&T Bakery and Cafe. Just to clarify, Main Street Markham is one street east of McCowan and not the same as Main Street Unionville.

This is a regular cafe with a special kind of small town feel. Their many regulars keep trickling in throughout the day and are greeted by name. I've heard good things about their food, especially their breakfast dishes and Turkey Pot Pies.

So after grabbing a table, I went up to their counter and ordered their Turkey Pie. I was a little taken aback when they grabbed one from the display glass beside the cash and popped it in the microwave, but it's a bakery cafe, so I really shouldn't have been surprised. The pies were flaky on the outside with good flavours of turkey on the inside, and it tasted like whatever grandmother's cooking would have tasted like if I had a Western grandmama. It's the kind of food that really hits the spot after being out in the cold. I just wished it could have been bigger!

Overall, this little shop offers you the goodness you'd expect from a small town cafe - homey comfort food and welcoming people.


  1. omg crepes are my absolutely favourite dessert! You have an an amazing blog. Have a wonderful day xo,


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