Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Ever crave a cupcake?

I was desperately craving a cupcake on a Sunday afternoon. I was hoping to try out the infamous Sugar Tiers on Major Mackenzie & Woodbine, but turns out they were closed on Sundays, like many other cake shops in Markham. Thank goodness for the Old Firehall Confectionary on Unionville Main St, which closed at 9pm on a Sunday.

There was a huge lineup, but it turns out the lineup was for the ice-cream side, and not the baked goods side. I felt a little bit silly when I realized I was in the wrong line after 5 minutes. Anyways, their cupcake selection isn't extensive but they had the standard flavours - Chocolate, Vanilla, Cookies & Cream, and Red Velvet - which was what I was really going for anyways.

Now, about their cupcakes. First of all...they're square! After you get over that, they offer a Small and Large version of each cupcakes. The difference is that the Large sizes also have a ganache filling in them. So I ordered one Regular Red Velvet Cupcake ($2.99) and one Large Cookies & Cream Cupcake with the Ganache Filling ($3.99). What I realized on my first bite was that their cupcakes are extremely soft and moist. Personally, I like my cupcakes a little firmer. My cookies & cream was like a fluffy chocolate cake with an equally as fluffy icing. They used a buttercream icing so it was very creamy, but it also left my lips feeling oily.

The Red Velvet Cupcake was much better. It wasn't as sweet as the Cookies & Cream and their icing wasn't as oily. There was a nice balance of the cream cheese flavour in the icing. If you like more fluffy in your cuppycakes - then I'd recommend coming to Old Firehall COnfectionary for them and get the Red Velvet. I've also heard good things about their Lemon cupcake but they didn't have any that day.

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  1. HOLY YUM! You guys have such cute places in Markham! Take me there next time!


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