Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Going down Khao San Road

I finally got a chance to visit the Thai restaurant that everybody's been raving about. There's been so many good reviews about it that I was a little worried it might not be as good as people made it sound. But no, I definitely would want to go again!

I ordered the Thai Iced Tea ($4.50) while waiting for our food. When you first try it, it`s incredibly sweet. But by the middle of the dinner, the ice melts and you can really start enjoying the drink. It`s also a great complement for their dishes with strong flavours.

I ordered the Khao Soi (pronounced cow-soy) with chicken based on a recommendation by my friend ($13). It could have been because I was hungry or it could be that it was actually just delicious, but the Khao Soi was very well made, but I couldn't stop eating it. I loved that the curry was thick and creamy from the coconut milk, but still very flavourful.

My friend ordered their Street-style Pad Thai ($14) which was also very highly recommended by many people. I really, really loved this dish. I can't quite pinpoint what made this dish better than any other pad thai I've tasted since the general taste and noodles are the same. But the noodles at Khao San Road had a great chewiness and the flavours were deep in the dish. I kept taking it off my friend's plate - I couldn't help it! Both dishes had two very different flavours and tasted delicious in their own way. Today, I must have been feeling for dry(er) noodles because I'm still salivating when I think about the pad thai! Haha it was delish!

I do have to warn you that this place gets busy!! I went at 5:30 and while there was no line up, most of the tables were filled. They also have a lot of long tables, so if you`re a group of 2 or 3, you`ll probably be sitting in close quarters with somebody else. Ladies, bring a small purse, you might have to carry it on your lap the entire time.

And if this isn't enough on fabulous Thai food, check out my post on Sukho Thai. It's the restaurant pre-Khao San Road that Jeff and Nuit Regular (the owners of Khao San Road) opened.


The people at Khao San reached out to clear things up. I'm just happy because they tweeted at me :D (geeky smile)

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