Friday, March 9, 2012

Good Ol' St Louis

I think St Louis is under-appreciated because it's a chain restaurant and many don't think this belongs in a food blog.... But comon, let's give it up to whoever created their famous dill sauce! Don't let the word "dill" throw you off - it doesn't have the tang of dill pickle-flavoured things. If you're at all into chip dip or sour cream & onion chips, I promise you, you will like the sauce - I'm a huge fan!

My friends and I come here every Thursday, which conveniently happens to be their Half Price Appetizers night from 5pm-close. Their food is great for bar food, but the main thing I come here for is their fries. Thick cut fries with their dill sauce? I'm such a sucker!

I do also want to commend the wonderful people at the Fairview Mall location though. We ordered a Chicken Quesadilla, but it took a long time to come. Turns out, the waitress forgot to put it in the order, so the manager apologized and gave it to us for free! It's not really about how they gave it for free, but it's the fact that they did something above and beyond the customers' expectations. That's a level of customer service I didn't expect from St. Louis :)

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