Monday, March 5, 2012

Kazan: Teppanyaki on Yonge

Recommends: the Salmon, and add $1.95 for their fried rice.

My friends and I went to a great teppanyaki spot in Richmond Hill. Kazan was clean, their quality of ingredients were great, and the cooks were efficient and flawless. The prices for dinners at Kazan averaged around $25, which is a bit pricier but it isn't too bad when you consider it as a dinner and a show :p

So the waiter came over to take our orders and then the chef came with a trolley with all the ingredients for our dinners. Before he starts cooking, he does a fancy little trick show with his cooking utensils, which was a something a little different from other teppanyaki places I`ve been too. Then he starts cooking... and of course like other teppanyaki places, he cooks the onions with the fire volcano. It will never get old - I love it!

My friend and I ordered the Sukiyaki - 8oz of marinated rib eye in a special sauce ($19.95). As I said, the quality of food is really nice here and it comes through in the vegetables and the beef. In terms of taste, it reminds me of bulgogi. Pretty standard flavours.

Another friend ordered the Salmon dinner ($22.95) which looked so delicious. I eyed it for the rest of the night. Doesn`t it look amazing?! I've also heard good reviews from other people about the salmon. So, I'd definitely push for you to get it.

Anyways, if you are specifically looking to have teppanyaki in Richmond Hill, it's a really great spot. But for me, it's not somewhere I'd go on the regular - especially not with groups because talking with everybody is impossible. I'd still recommend Taste of Japan first - they are much more interactive while cooking. And I do love how the chefs at Taste of Japan will shoot pieces of cooked egg at you for you to catch with your mouth... always fun :D

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