Saturday, April 28, 2012

Khao San Road's parent: Sukho Thai

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My friend took me to try out Sukho Thai, opened by the same people of Khao San Road (click to read my blog post on that). Located in Regent Park, it doesn't have the same swanky decor as Khao San Road, but the standard of very authentic, very good-tasting Thai food is still just as evident. If you get stuck in the menu, I'd recommend you to try to Khao Soi with BEEF (although chicken is good too).

We basically ordered the same dishes I ordered when I went to Khao San Road because I wanted to compare the places. I did also order the Garlic Chicken ($8.00) for an appetizer just to switch it up a little. It looks like a pretty standard dish, but the chicken was extremely soft, tender and juicy, which made a mile of difference. The sauce was also perfect with the dish. It looks like it would be really tangy, but it was a good mixture of tang and sweetness. If you're looking to get an appetizer too, the Garlic Chicken is a pretty safe bet. I approve.

Then the Pad Thai ($10.25) came next (not the "Sukhothai Pad Thai", just "Pad Thai" on the menu). This one is similar to the Street Style Pad Thai from Khao San Road. They're both very, very similar, but if I was forced to choose, I like the Street-style more from Khao San Road because the noodles had more chewiness.

The Khao Soi with Beef ($10.25) was also very similar to the one from Khao San Road. I got the beef instead of chicken this time though and the beef version is REALLY GOOD. The beef was so tender and the meat just peeled right off. The quality was also really, really similar to Khao San, but if I was forced to choose between the two for Khao Soi, then Sukho Thai wins.

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