Friday, May 11, 2012

All you can eat CAKES event

It's back! If you still haven't figured out what you're doing for Mother's Day, consider taking your cherished lady for dinner at Maxim's in Richmond Hill. They have a prix-fixe menu for $38 but the best part about it is they have the all-you-can-eat dessert part of the menu.

Besides the fact that an all-you-can-eat dessert option is awesome by itself, the cakes at Maxim are some of the greatest cakes I have ever tried. I would pay the $38 JUST for the cakes.

The menu includes an appetizer, lobster bisque, a main course, sides of vegetables and mashed potato, and of course all-you-can-eat cake buffet.

I highly recommend their Strawberry Meringue cake. Enjoy!! :)

1 comment:

  1. Is this like a year round thing or just once in a while they do the course meal thing? Btw I can comment as you on my phone


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