Sunday, May 6, 2012

Burger's Priest Believer

I have actually been pining to try the burgers at The Burger's Priest for months. Afterall, this must be a beast of a place if it can top in Zagat's Top 3 Foods in Toronto, mixed in with super fancy restaurants like Scaramouche and Chiado. I visited their new location at Yonge & a little north of Lawrence. This place is small, the menu is simple, but my gosh, do they make good burgers!

I'm just going to go right into how good the burger is because it was a great burger. You know, normally I give points to a really good bun with a burger. But The Burger's Priest keeps things simple. They use a regular soft white bun, give you a bunch of the regular topping choices to choose from (ketchup, lettuce, tomatoes, etc) and focus their energies on the patties. The Burger's Priest beef patty was no doubt the juiciest burger patty I have ever had. Loosely ground beef packed together and grilled long enough just to be fully cooked keeps the juices locked in. It has an amazing beef flavour that literally had me devouring the thing in no time.

So I had ordered the What's Right ($14.99), which is a combo including a double cheeseburger, chili cheese fries, a drink, and a cookie. AND A COOKIE! I love cookies...especially big, soft, chocolate chip ones. This place just gets better.

The chili cheese fries looked amazing, but maybe because I ate it after I had devoured my burger, it wasn't as glorious a moment. Or maybe because they had a lot of beans in the chili cheese, and I just don't like beans that much. Either way, if I could have it my way, I'd replace the chili fries with another burger ;)

I would completely recommend you to give this place a try. I think they make a serious burger and even if they weren't super stellar (although I think they are), their prices are fair considering you're getting fresh quality beef and fresh ingredients.

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