Thursday, May 24, 2012

Kinton Ramen

It hasn't even been open for a month yet and I'm sure you've heard about it already. Kinton Ramen (@KintonRamen), opened last week on Baldwin St. in between the University of Toronto area and the Eaton Centre. It's run by the same people who opened Guu, and that becomes really obvious when you walk in and receive that familiar hearty welcome of Japanese words that you get from Guu. Not the greatest place to go to for intimate conversations, but perfect for small groups just to hang out.

I'm going to start with the dish that surprised me the most, which is the Tofufurai ($4.80), the tofu nugget appetizer. Seriously, how good can something defined as a tofu nugget be? But it was my most memorable dish of the night! It gives all the satisfying feelings of a McDonald's Chicken Nugget, without the questionable thoughts in the back of my mind about where the meat came from. I would go vegetarian if all tofu could taste this good.

We also ordered the Chicken Karaage ($4.80) and opted for the spicy option. Deep fried chicken pieces with a spicy sauce, like Tabasco, drizzled on top. It was just enough to add a little kick to the dish, but not overly spicy. It was a good appetizer. There's nothing bad to say about it. I would love to eat it again, but it wasn't spectacular.

Now on to the ramen! We ordered the Spicy Garlic Ramen ($9.80) which tasted like a standard spicy ramen dish. The noodles from Kinton are square-cut and firmer than Ramen noodles that I've had at other ramen joints like Kenzo or Ajisen. Despite the colour, the soup isn't too spicy. But it wasn't particularly flavourful either. It was a good standard ramen dish with a little extra spice.

If you were going to get a ramen though, I'd recommend the Cheese Ramen ($10.80). You get a choice of Pork Belly or Pork Shoulder with it and if you like bacon, then I'd absolutely recommend you to get it with the Pork Belly. The Cheese Ramen comes with a generous handful of grated Swiss Cheese on the top and it melts over the hot soup. I had my doubts about the cheese but the cheese actually adds a smoky depth to the dish which is really nice.

In terms of the food, Kinton is pretty standard although a few things may tip it above other Ramen spots. I do appreciate that for roughly $10, they give an impressively generous amount of noodles - portion-sizing is great here. Their Tofu Nuggets stuck out in my mind even after I left the restaurant and in hindsight, I really liked their Cheese Ramen. Plus, their lively salutations make you feel pretty darn special when you enter and leave the restaurant!

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  1. i'm reading this in class and i'm so friggin hungry right now...


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