Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Street Food Block Party

The best kind of party is a food party! Went to my first official food event as a food blogger and an epic one at that. Special thanks to Brian from The Urban Craze (@theurbancraze) for bringing me out to this sold-out event! Tickets for this event ran at $20/person but you have to be quick, cause 4 hours after they went on sale, they were sold out! I had a great time there and it was a pleasure to meet other amazing food bloggers such as Carmen from carmenhungry and Taylor from shrp knvs.

Spearhead and Lake of Bays - discovered two new great beers

The event hosted by the Toronto Underground Market and Ontario Food Trucks, brought together over 30 different independent food vendors and food trucks. From street-style Indonesian meat skewers to gourmet cupcakes in a jar, there was a plentiful supply of variety and every one of them sounded and looked delicious! To make it even better, the vendors offered two menus. One between 5-8pm and then they switch it up for a late-night menu from 9-midnight.

One of the first places we hit up were the guys at Fidel Gastro's (@fidelgastros) which definitely set us on a high note. They make a great pulled pork sandwich, but I'd definitely recommend you to try their Sgt Slather sandwiches. BBQ Ribs, homemade barbeque sauce, with a creamy guacamole? YES PLEASE

Just a tip... I went in with the mentality that the vendors with the longer lines is where the good food must be. I was wrong! It's a totally misconceived idea! I had an amazing peanut butter burger (appropriately named, the What?! burger) from The Roaming Buffalo (@RoamingBuffalo1), the food truck that came all the way from Buffalo, New York, and barely had to wait.

Two totally different burger offerings from The Roaming Buffalo

The most impressive line I saw was for the Gorilla Cheese (@gorilla_cheese) food truck, where we waited over an hour and a half for their gourmet grilled cheese. As far as I'm concerned, unless you're lactose-intolerant, you just cannot go wrong with an overload of melted cheese and butter. We ordered The Lumberjack and the O.G. (Original Gorilla) as our finale to the night and went home stuffed and happy.

Thinking back on the night, I wish I had more time there, more hands, and more stomach space! Ah well, I guess I'll just have to go again to the next one. All in all, a great event where the vendors are wonderful people with a passion for their food. Stay tuned to @TOundrgroundmkt for updates on their next event in June!


  1. It's been almost a week since a new post, what's going on foodieroll?? Step up your food tasting game nah'mean?

  2. Crap take it back, I just don't know how to navigate whoops

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