Monday, June 18, 2012

SMASH Kitchen & Bar

Yet another great new restaurant in Markham! Is it because we're becoming a legitimate city soon? I went to Smash Kitchen & Bar, recently opened not even a month ago on Highway 7 between Warden & Kennedy with Executive Chef, Mark Esguerra. It's located in the lonely plaza where M&M Meat shops is, in the spot Bluestone Bistro used to be. While it makes me sad that that means Bluestone really will not be making a comeback, I'm really glad this place opened up. I almost don't want to write a post about it because a little part of me wants to keep it a secret.

Judging from how quiet the plaza normally is, you wouldn't expect a restaurant like Smash. The interior is gorgeous - much like any loungey restaurant with dim lighting, and dark wood floorings. As an added bonus, they have an elevated patio behind the restaurant. Sure it's overlooking a parking lot, but they have a good selection of house cocktails and bottled or draft beers, which is going to make an ideal place for these gorgeous summer days coming up.

We ordered a side of Sweet Potato Fries ($6) to start because we saw another table with it and they looked amazing. Indeed, I may have to order this everytime I go now because they are really, really good. They're cut at a good thickness that it's just crispy enough on the outside and not too mushy on the inside. Plus, they're chipotle mayo was really good too. We had to ask for more of the chipotle mayo because we were really going at it but they ended up giving us a ketchup / mayo / Tabasco mixture instead. Sadface. We'll give them the benefit of the doubt that they picked up the wrong sauce because they're similar in colour...

If you're feeling for a burger, I'd highly recommend the Smash Burger ($12) - fresh ground beef patties with cheddar, thinly fried onions, and "Smash sauce", which is like a Chipotle Mayo butb\ comon, it's called Smash sauce - it has to be good. The best part is their burgers all come with TWO of these thick freshly ground patties and you can add a THIRD patty for $4. But it's ginormous on its own - I have no idea how you'd fit 3 patties in your mouth.

Then came the BBQ Chicken Pizza ($16)- with bbq sauce, 4 cheese blend, bbq chicken, roasted corn, red onions and cashews. The pie was thin so if you don't like having so much dough in every bite - this is good for you, but the crust was still a regular fluffiness. Now that I think about it, I really liked how they made the dough. In terms of flavour, it wasn't too out of the ordinary. Tasted similar to the BBQ Chicken pizza from Domino's. But the pizza was huge an a great dish on its own.

Lastly was the Buttermilk Fried Chicken ($18) with a side of smashed potatoes and chipotle roasted corn. The portion size was good and I loved their SMASHED potatoes with the skins still on. The only thing was the chicken was drier than I would have liked it. It wasn't dry - just drier...than I like my chicken. It definitely could have had a little extra flavour in it. But otherwise - not a bad dish.

They alo gave us a few after-dinner complimentary shots :D
It never hurts to throw in something free... I like this place :)

The verdict?... I already made plans to go back in two weeks.

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