Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Yours Truly

I've been meaning to push this out a lot earlier, but I took SO MANY photos that night. Yours Truly is one of those place that I would categorize as "Experience Foods". It's pricey, but it's one of those places you have to go to for the experience. They use flavours and techniques that are totally out of the ordinary and make it into surprisingly simple dishes. It leaves you with the thought "I don't know what he said was in here, but it's pretty awesome".

To keep things fresh, Yours Truly has a different tasting menu everyday - so even if you come back multiple times, it doesn't get old. It's just part of the fun of eating at Yours Truly.

Thanks to my fellow foodie friend Brian, (also founder of The Urban Craze!), for trekking out to the West end to try to beat the dinner rush. We also got a great opportunity to meet Jeff Claudio, the mastermind and chef behind Yours Truly. A very gracious guy with a stellar smile.

Now onto the food!
First dish from Prix-fixe menu ($45)- The Hamachi.

Best dish of the night? The Hamachi, which came with rhubarb jelly, goat sour cream, and horseradish. Reading the ingredients made me really doubtful, but the flavours mixed together into a wonderful little surprise. Amazing flavours! It was also the smallest dish though...wish I had more of that!

Second dish from Prix-fixe menu - The Trout
Not usually a fish person, but this was clear of the fishy taste. Quite nice :)

Third dish from Prix-fixe menu - Duck
Lightly seared duck, where the meat is soft it can melt in your mouth. I've never had duck anything less than fully cooked before so this was a nice spin to it. I also remember really like the crunch the fried lentils added to the dish.

Small plates - Chirashi Zushi ($12)
raw hamachi and salmon slices, scallion, ginger, wasabi and rice. I thought it would be literally raw fish + rice, like the Chirashi dishes you can get at any Japanese restaruant, but it came with an oil drizzled over the dish which made a mile of difference. The flavour was still very clean, but was a lot smoother

Small plate - Salt Cod ($6)
Inari kewpie, nori, and rice. It tasted like a more flavourful version of the inarizushi (sweet tofu skin wrapped around rice) you can get from most Japanese restaurants. I heard so many good things that I was expecting amazing but it was just good. Was a little disappointed about this one but, nonetheless, good.

Small plate - Thuet Bread ($5)
Bread served with whipped duck fat and crispy shallots. It came with 4 types of artisan breads, but I do wish they were warmed! I love warm bread. Irregardless, spreadable duck fat is always good. The duck fat was thin and you'd probably have to dip your knife multiple times to get a good layer onto your bread for that flavour. But heck, if you're going to order duck fat, you might as well go all out.

Last dish from Prix-fixe menu - Milk & Honey
To end off, the Milk & Honey is a mousse (almost pudding), with oats, currants, and coltsfoot (a flower). It was also available on the small plates for $6.00. It had a milky flavour, but overall a very light dessert, which was good because even though everthing was small - it made me really, really full.

All in all a fun meal. It was fun not having any idea what to expect next and getting pleasantly surprised each time.

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