Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Sam's Congee Delight: Chinese Style Breakfast

This is an oldie but goodie. Sam's Congee has been around for ages and is the go-to place when you just want a cheap Hong Kong-style breakfast. In my mind I've divided two types of Chinese breakfasts. There's the modern-day Hong Kong breakfast, where you get the plain macaroni in soup with a slice of ham or something or a Chinese bun with butter. And then there's the old Chinese style - which is what I would imagine my grandparents and their ancestors eating in their hometown back in China. I don't get a craving for the latter often - but when it comes, one of the greatest places to answer the call is at Sam's Congee located inside Market Village. Kind of ghetto Chinese comfort food.

I got a bowl of Congee with Fish Slices ($4.00). It's a plain congee with slices of fish fillet, but it doesn't have a fishy flavour at all. You absolutely must pair it was a plate of Fried Dough Fritter. Dip it, use it was a spoon, or just eat it plain - it's like an Oreo - any which way you want to eat it, it's still good!

We got an order of Plain Rice Rolls ($2.40), which is basically thin silky noodle sheet rolled together. Drizzle some hot sauce and hoi sin sauce (the dark sweet one) and you easily have a great side dish.

We also got an order of Rice Roll with BBQ Pork ($3.00) (or "BBQ PROK" as misspelled on their menu for more Chinese authenticity). Has the same silky noodles as the plain rice rolls, but this time wrapped around chopped pieces of BBQ Pork. So there's a little extra texture, and little extra saltiness which is soo good.

Sam's Congee is simple. The flavours are simple and light. It's like going home. You don't go looking to be blown away everytime, but there's something comforting in the food. Simple and cheap and nothing wrong with that. Oh, but also be prepared for a 15-20 minute wait, because apparently a lot of people like good, simple, and cheap food too.

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