Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Toronto's Lobster Love 2012

The Lobster Love event was held last week Thursday at the Evergreen Brickworks. Some people were well-fed, some people got cold lobster, and some people got no lobster :(
It was a tough event with a lot of room for improvement. Most of the people left frustrated. I do appreciate their attempts to make amends though. Around 9pm, a new truckload of lobster came and it was FREE boiled lobster for everyone. Unfoturnately most of those pissed off had already left by then and were too far unimpressed to be consoled. After the event, they also reached out via their Facebook page to those "who had been inconvenienced". BUT, it wasn't all bad (I had a great time, see below) and I'm sure if a next time were to happen, these things won't happen again.

Now contrary to maybe 80% of the attendants active on Twitter, MY experience with the event was more positive than not. First of all, they had free raw oysters being shucked all night. First off - kudos to the oyster shuckers! And secondly...comon, raw oysters shots. Have a few on the house and feel better...

Secondly, free Keith's! There was also a huge parking issue I forgot to mention. But that couldn't really be helped as the west lot was booked by a film crew and the east lot by an engagement party. But if you know Evergreen Brickworks, you'll know parking is not a walk in the park there and I hate parking downtown to begin with. Luckily, Lobster Love did promote the shuttle bus from Broadview Station. So I ended up parking there and shuttling over. Thank goodness for that free beer.

They also had humongous fresh baked cookies, that became free later on in the night as more people got upset. I'll take that... thanks :)

Finally, the lobster. Brian from The Urban Craze ordered the Lobster Roll and he didn't say it in the exact same words, but if you were to compare, this one doesn't hold a candle to the one from Lobster Rock. It was like a lobster salad on a soft bun. For those who don't like their buns toasted, this one would have been a good choice for you.

I ordered the Lobster Thermidor, which came warm (not cold as Frigidaire as was described through the Twittersphere) and it was pretty good. Creamy with generous pieces of lobster meat. On top of everything, they gave the sweetest grilled corn on a cob dipped in butter and roasted potato. I was stuffed. Stuffed to the point I couldn't even consider the free boiled lobster. (Okay, I did consider it, but it just wouldn't have been feasible).

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