Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Good Food of CNE

It's deep-fried, overexccessive, and artery-clogging - but it only happens once a year, so who cares! I didn't have enough time to conquer the Krispy Kreme burger this visit From the people sitting beside me though - it's looking as good as ever. I did get hit some of the new food stalls like Bacon Nation and Far East Tacos.

Bacon Nation. The stall that harks on the current trend of adding bacon to everything! Some people are getting tired of it, but not I. I hope this trend lives long and prospers. Anyways, we ordered the Deep Fried Beer Battered Bacon Wrapped Hot Dog On a Stick (why does everything sound longer when the name is extremely long?) But we got deceived because it was the biggest waste of $10 ever. It was like eating any regular corn dog... without bacon. Where was the bacon? With the exception of one bite, maybe, I didn't see it, or taste it. I actually prefer PoGos over that. So tricked. If I could go back, I'd try the Bacon Explosion (bottom right), a bacon-stuffed burger. But from the picture, it doesn't look like anything is exploding... (I played ninja and took a picture of someone else's burger)

After eating my disappointing corn dog, Far East Taco's seemed amazing. We ordered the Kalbi in a Bao and the Spicy Pork & Kimchi in a taco. For 1 taco and 1 bao, it came to a little under $10 after tax, which is pretty decent! The taco shell was a little dry, I would definitely only get the Bao next time. But this is definitely a good spot to hit up, especially if you want to give yourself a break from heart-attack inducing foods.

For dessert, we tried out the new cupcake stall, Sweetness Bakery. If you know anything about my companion, Becky of Design Runway, you'll know she adores cupcakes, so we had to. I got the Red Velvet and she got the White Chocolate Raspberry. Besides them being pretty, they're also really good in that the frosting isn't too oily or too soft and the cake itself is fluffy and had its own distinct flavour that wasn't overpowered by the frosting. I know, who gets cupcakes when they go to CNE? But considering they're normally in a food truck in the Burlington area very far away from Markham, I'd say you should give them a try!

You've reached the end and haven't even heard about the Krispy Kreme burger this year or the Pulled Pork sandwiched between Red Velvet Pancakes or a Bacon-stuffed Sausage Burger. For that, I'm sorry (though my body is not) and I will make it up to you with a next post if I go back this summer!

As always, feel free to leave comments, questions and suggestions.


  1. "I played ninja and took a picture of someone else's burger" - LOL <3

    Mmm I would like to go back for a yummy bao & cupcake.

  2. Wow food @ CNE is so expensive! But I guess this place contains a lot of unique food people don't usually buy.. unless they live in TO

    1. It is -.-", but it's carnival food so it's too be expected when you go to these things. It's like paying $10 for popcorn at the movies. Overpriced, but it's part of the experience!


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