Thursday, September 6, 2012

Cafe Nervosa: Lunch

This is one of my favourite restaurants in Toronto. Located in a Yorkville but at prices that doesn't make my heart seize and consistently delicious food. This is the restaurant I'm not afraid to recommend people to. In terms of the name - some call it Cafe Nervosa, some Nervosa Trattoria and the website's under eatnervosa. Many paths that lead to the same deliciousness.

I came here for a midday snack with a friend and got a chance to try out a few of their appetizers. So now I know, this place isn't only great for its pizzas and pastas, but they dish out great apps as well.

This is the Capesante ($14.99) (under the Antipasti portion of the menu) - pan seared scallops on top of a light salad of grains, zucchini, and corn. I honestly loved this dish. Even now, I look at the picture and I still remember how much I enjoyed it. Maybe I just got lucky, but the scallops came out perfectly. Slightly crisp on the surface from the pan and incredibly soft on the inside. The flavours were warm but there was a little zest from the salad that kept the dish light. The saddest part was realizing there are only two scallops, one each. It may seem a little hard to swallow such a small scallop for $15, but I thought it was well worth it.

We also ordered the Tagliere Misto ($14.99 for a one-person portion) - a selection of cured meats and aged cheese served with Melba toast. The selection of meats and cheese was pretty salty, even for me. The meats were also a little too dry than I'm used to. However, this is a good dish just to pick at over conversation. It worked well as a midday snack, but if I would choose again - I'd skip the cured meats and get another order of those scallops. But that's just me.

Promise, a post covering some of their entrees will come later.

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    1. I have! I love their Pappardelle ai Funghi and the Risotto Nervosa is also very, very good - which is a risotto with a braised beef short rib.

      I always forget to take pictures of the food when I go so I don't have any pictures on me right now. But I'll definitely do another post in the future about their pastas.

  2. Love the look of the scallops - definitely going to try it.

  3. Just realized you posted this now... lol


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