Friday, September 14, 2012

Lahore Tikka House

My hands-down, absolute favourite spot for Pakistani food in Toronto. Dare I claim it the best Indian restaurant in Toronto? It's a very casual environment - I mean it, expect plastic utensils, styrofoam places and plastic lawn chairs. But it's also extremely homey and comfortable with delicious comfort food. It's this homestyle charm that made me fall in love with this place. I strongly recommend you to order a significantly large amount of Seekh Kebabs (bonus points for eating it with Garlic Naan). Happy bellies.

Lahori Beef Kebab (2.39 each). I think this is just the bee's knees. They're kind of like the love child of a really delicious burger patty and a really delicious sausage. I remember the first time I tried it, I had a craving for it a few weeks after and went to a random Indian restaurant in Markham and ordered their Seekh kebab just to get my craving fixed...and it just was NOT the same. Not even close, so now I really appreciate them when I get them here. I normally tear off a piece of Garlic Naan and a piece of the kebab and enjoy them together.

Then we also had the Karahi Chicken ($11.25) which is a very tender chicken in a kind of tomato-and-herb based sauce. There's also the Lahori Lamb Kababs ($2.79 each) in the background which are also delicious but the meat has a stronger flavour (not so much a strong Lamb flavour, but stronger with the mix of herbs and spices and also saltier). My friends were literally wiping up the sauce with their Naans and spooning it on to their rice...that good huh?

The Chicken Biryani ($9.99)...I wouldn't advise you to order the Biryani - NOT because it tastes bad or I have anything against it, but it just seems like a waste of stomach room when there is so many more interesting foods to choose from. However, this is a very safe choice and it's great for giving your mouth a break from all the other dishes that pack in a lot of flavour.

As a second round, we ordered the Butter Chicken ($12.25), which was actually very different from what I expected. I've had Butter Chicken from other places, but they were always in a very creamy, thick sauce. This one came with a thin oil-based sauce. The sauce didn't stick to the chicken as much this way and the flavours weren't as obvious, which I prefer.

I think your best bets when you come here is to try a bunch of the sizzling BBQ meat plates and serve with a side of naan. You'll be very well fed :)

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