Thursday, October 4, 2012

Best of Sauga: Ten Restaurant

I know, I know. This sounds crazy but I have never been to Mississauga before. So I decided to go one day to visit my sole friend who lives there, Becky of Design Runway.

To make this trip worth it, I wanted to see the best of what Mississauga offers and with some research, we decided on paying a visit to Ten Restaurant. I still have mixed feelings because some dishes were huge hits and others were...not. However, I don't regret my drive down there at all as I'm still daydreaming about those fish tacos we ordered.

The Daily Taco ($10.98) was definitely our favourite of the night. It was Cold Smoked Brook Trout, mustard leeks, dill seed crema, baked roe, and cucumber. The fish was fresh and lightly seared with a nice smokey flavour (like Smoked Salmon). It was topped with a little bit of baked roe, which added a crunchy texture to the taco and the dill sauce... oh man, bless their dill seed crema! In terms of flavours, it's similar to the St. Louis' Dill Sauce (if you really had to stretch it to liken it to something), but lighter so that it doesn't overpower the delicacy of the dish. Unfortunately, it was on their Daily Special menu, so even if I go again, it's not guaranteed that they will offer it. This is saying a lot, but I would make the trip back just for those tacos! It makes me wonder what deliciousness Chef Nic Prong can offer.

The tacos really set the bar high for the other dishes, which were good but did not blow us away as much as the tacos unfortuantely. Their Parmesan Fries ($9.98) came next. Golden crispy fries with parmesan shavings sprinkled all over them. The part that really makes the dish is the fermented black garlic mayo. It's probably the most delicious, fancy, and beautiful interpretation of the old fries and gravy. While it was really good, I'm not sure if I could justify paying $10 for ...ultimately, fries. I don't know. I'm still undecided. If money isn't an issue for you, then by all means - the fries were great.

Next was the Lobster Fettucine ($21.98). I really appreciated that they knew we were sharing and automatically split our food as well as doubling on the fried egg so we each get an egg on our pastas. It's always a nice gesture when they do so. Anyways about the food. It really wasn't terrible, but the roe noodles were way too firm for my liking. Normally I'm okay with al dente, but this was beyond that and that's the main thing I can remember about the dish unfortunately. Becky tells me the flavours were good but they were not strong enough for me to remember all too well.

The Lobster Rolls ($3.95 per roll). Everybody's doing Lobster Roll - and I don't mind that one bit! They were in cute little buns, like the Rock Lobster rolls. There really wasn't anything special about the flavours though. I probably won't order this again, just cause it was so..normal.

Stellar performance with the fish tacos. Mixed thoughts about the other dishes just as to the fact I expected much more, but they only came out average. If only their pasta had been cooked a minute longer... Oh well. Overall, their ingredients were very fresh and of great quality. The flavours were classic with an upscale flair. For the overall value, I thought it was really good. Especially when you consider in Toronto, you can pay much more for much plainer food. I'd really like to go back again to try their other dishes. I think this place has more dishes that can "wow" you, you just need to find the right dishes.

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